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JP-H1124273-A: Radiation sensitive resin composition patent, JP-H11242925-A: 液圧操作装置 patent, JP-H11243017-A: Method for recognizing directivity of thin-film coil part patent, JP-H11244012-A: Strap used for wrist watch or the like patent, JP-H11244207-A: 磨き力調整機能を備えた床面艶出機 patent, JP-H1124467-A: 定着装置 patent, JP-H11245285-A: Air blowing implement for molding sheet stamping hollow member patent, JP-H11245593-A: 曲面転写装置 patent, JP-H11245672-A: 車 両 patent, JP-H11245697-A: 車両のシート装置 patent, JP-H1124577-A: Mounting device for pdp patent, JP-H11245946-A: パレット用積載物保護具 patent, JP-H11246967-A: IrMn系合金成膜用ターゲット、その製造方法およびそれを用いた反強磁性膜 patent, JP-H11247576-A: 集塵装置の運転停止装置 patent, JP-H11247672-A: Valve timing control device for internal combustion engine patent, JP-H11247736-A: 不等間隔噴射用分配型燃料噴射ポンプ patent, JP-H11248257-A: 浴槽洗浄機能付き給湯器 patent, JP-H11249521-A: Photoreceptor drum protecting device for image forming device, and method for protecting photoreceptor drum for same patent, JP-H1124962-A: マイクロコンピュータ装置 patent, JP-H11250338-A: 自動販売機の商品搬出装置 patent, JP-H11250431-A: Production of magnetic head slider and magnetic head slider and magnetic memory device patent, JP-H11250544-A: Disk player patent, JP-H11250849-A: 結像型エネルギフィルタ歪補正装置 patent, JP-H11251750-A: Wiring board patent, JP-H11252374-A: Image encoder patent, JP-H11252389-A: Color image processing method patent, JP-H11252468-A: Digital camera patent, JP-H11252677-A: Connection bonding patent, JP-H11252884-A: Manual power generator patent, JP-H11253776-A: Agitator with oblique shaft patent, JP-H11254254-A: ワーク回転方向位置決め装置 patent, JP-H11255840-A: 共重合体樹脂とその製造方法、この共重合体樹脂を含むフォトレジスト、および半導体素子 patent, JP-H11256112-A: 擬似接着シート patent, JP-H11257203-A: 回転流体圧装置 patent, JP-H11257564-A: 管継手 patent, JP-H11258211-A: Eddy current flaw detecting device patent, JP-H11258216-A: Lsaw propagation characteristic measuring method by ultrasonic microscope patent, JP-H11258739-A: 写真フイルム用カートリッジの包装体 patent, JP-H11259179-A: Electronic instrument, temperature management and control method and storage medium patent, JP-H11259938-A: Cartridge transporting device patent, JP-H1126008-A: 電池の電極構造 patent, JP-H11260769-A: Method for evaluating polishing cloth of semiconductor wafer and manufacture using the method patent, JP-H1126115-A: Wall recessed receptacle patent, JP-H11261602-A: Atm装置及びatmパケット構成方法 patent, JP-H11261683-A: Telephone system, and recording medium with recording program and recording medium recording data recorded therein patent, JP-H11262004-A: Device and method for processing image and storage medium thereof patent, JP-H11262695-A: ブラシ回転装置 patent, JP-H11263958-A: ゴムとポリエステル繊維の接着剤用共重合体ラテックス patent, JP-H11264069-A: Side heating type evaporating source fur vacuum deposition patent, JP-H11264310-A: Valve system for internal combustion engine patent, JP-H11264720-A: Method for visual inspection and device for visual inspection patent, JP-H11265176-A: Modification for font with automatic mesh matching patent, JP-H11265369-A: Correlation display device patent, JP-H11266296-A: 電話装置 patent, JP-H11266488-A: 代用原音発生器 patent, JP-H11267526-A: 高活性触媒製造方法及び装置 patent, JP-H11267690-A: Method of controlling methanol feed rate in water filtering and circulating treating system patent, JP-H11267771-A: タレットパンチプレス及び製品打ち抜き方法並びに製品搬出方法 patent, JP-H1126802-A: Semiconductor photo detector element patent, JP-H1126873-A: Semiconductor laser element patent, JP-H11268855-A: Sheet reversing feeder and image forming device therewith patent, JP-H11269204-A: Method of preventing adhesion to polymerization tank patent, JP-H11269277-A: Antimicrobila resin member patent, JP-H11269882-A: Stair for installing face of slope patent, JP-H11270702-A: プラスチック製バタフライ弁 patent, JP-H11271228-A: Evaluating method for paint film performance patent, JP-H11271280-A: Laser ultrasonic inspection device and method patent, JP-H11271366-A: Apparatus for detecting voltage drop patent, JP-H1127149-A: Pwm方式d/aコンバータの検査方法 patent, JP-H11271685-A: 液晶プロジェクタ装置 patent, JP-H1127186-A: 遅延歪除去方式 patent, JP-H1127256-A: 楕円ストリーム暗号システム patent, JP-H11273105-A: 対物レンズ駆動装置、光ピックアップ装置及び光ディスク装置 patent, JP-H11274244-A: Metal reinforcing plate for semiconductor package support and producing method therefor patent, JP-H11274437-A: 不揮発性半導体メモリ装置 patent, JP-H11275100-A: Can-communication signal branch unit patent, JP-H1127584-A: 固体撮像素子の欠陥検出回路及び欠陥検出方法、並びにこれらを用いたカメラ patent, JP-H11276370-A: Method for filling chemical to cartridge for chemical supply shower and cartridge patent, JP-H11276904-A: Photodecomposition catalyst and production of hydrogen using the same patent, JP-H11276968-A: 粘性液体の塗布方法 patent, JP-H11278378-A: 可変ピッチプロペラ装置 patent, JP-H11280013-A: Bridge joint patent, JP-H11280246-A: Floating floor patent, JP-H11280330-A: Indication body for automatic door patent, JP-H11280404-A: ガスタービン冷却翼 patent, JP-H11281369-A: 音叉型振動ジャイロ patent, JP-H11281598-A: Method for analyzing silica surface patent, JP-H112815-A: Light-orientable polymer and light-orientable composition containing same patent, JP-H11281668-A: 半導体センサのダイアフラムと電極基板の陽極接合方法 patent, JP-H11281705-A: Ic inspecting device and temperature controlling method therein patent, JP-H11281715-A: 高電圧インターフェースに用いられるカスコード回路用のテスト容易化回路 patent, JP-H11283152-A: 遠隔制御システム patent, JP-H1128389-A: 旋回流を発生させる流体通路を有する分離装置 patent, JP-H11284104-A: 集積回路実装体およびその製造方法 patent, JP-H11284212-A: 太陽電池及び太陽電池の製造方法 patent, JP-H11284893-A: Video camera patent, JP-H1128511-A: 熱間金属帯材圧延設備および熱間金属帯材圧延方法 patent, JP-H1128541-A: Device for preventing pressing two pieces at one stroke patent, JP-H11285451-A: Foot washing apparatus patent, JP-H11286879-A: Nonhalogen flooring material patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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